We carry a wide variety of hay, including: Alfalfa, Orchard Grass, Timothy Grass, Bermuda Grass, Teff, Oat/Barley/Wheat and Oat/Barley/Wheat/Alfalfa Mixtures.


We carry a full line of horse feed from companies you know and trust. We are authorized dealers of: Purina Mills, Nutrena Horse Feeds, Star Milling, O.H. Kruse, Secate Pellet Mill, Romberg Mill, and Paramount Cubing.


Fox Feed offers a variety of horse bedding options, which includes Dry Stall, Cedarest, Natures Bedding Stall Pellets, and Shaving options from Gem, JTS Animal Bedding, and American Wood Fibers.


We are an authorized Weaver Dealer, and carry a wide variety of Weaver products.

We carry supplements, fly sprays & masks, winter blankets & summer sheets, vaccines, dewormer, hoof conditioners, leather creams, shampoo, detanglers & horse cookies from manufacturers such as Farnam, Ramard, Absorbine, Grand Meadows, Equerry’s, Cowboy Magic, and Pyranha.

Chicken Feed

We have everything you need for your backyard flock from brands such as Purina, O.H. Kruse, Star Milling, Nutrena, Volkman, and Scratch and Peck. We carry full lines of feed, from standard laying feeds to non GMO, and full organic lines.

We also carry supplies such as: feeders, waterers, treats, nest boxes, and supplements.


We carry supplies for all your lovable creatures!  Our brands include: Purina, O.H. Kruse, Mazuri, Manna Pro.